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Mária Jančová

Mária Jančová
Hang in there

Existing in fragments, trying to cope with what I have, these few square meters are all I have right now.
I share my room with my works and my worries. I try to stay calm and healthy, feel alright, and whole again. I call my friends and family at least once a week, I zoom when the school requires it, and constantly worry about my part-time job. I keep forgetting to do the basic things like watering those few plants that did survive or to check in with people that suffer from loneliness.
It is hard to keep track of those numbers, my thinking is so fragmented it seems almost impossible to focus on.
It does not seem possible to draw boundaries between personal, professional, and artistic life. Suddenly my health, as well as my well-being, is fragile and co-dependent on others, don’t you think? Are you still here? Are you even listening?