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POKOJE 2022 – English

Přehlídka mladého umění POKOJE

Pokoje (Rooms) is an art show that exhibits a cross-section of contemporary student art in an unusual way. The show takes place over ten days in an empty house in the center of Prague, where students  from various universities will transform unused rooms into an exhibition. Each of the studios is given a room, a theme and the freedom to use the space in any way. The result is a site-specific exhibition that brings to life an otherwise unused space for a unique cultural experience. The show is complemented by an accompanying programme such as panel talks, awards, concerts etc. This year’s show will take place in November 2022. Thanks to the support of the Visegrad fund, students from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and from Faculty of Fine Arts in Banská Bystrica will also participate in the show this year.